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Offensive Security Services

Offensive Cybersecurity Services offers some of the highest quality, intensive and non-automated security assessment analysis. Our expert security team conduct highly sophisticated testing and analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, personnel and facilities to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities that a malicious actor can exploit to steal your company’s data or cause harm.

Those are our Offensive Cybersecurity Solution:

  • Social Engineering.
  • Phishing Simulation.
  • Web Application Penetration Testing.
  • Penetration Testing for SMB.
  • Vulnerability Scans.
  • Static application security testing.
  • GRC Services

    We offer best in class cybersecurity consulting services with our team of highly experienced and experts in Governance, Risk & Compliance services
    We offer services in the areas of: 

    • ISO 27001 assistance services.
    • Cloud Security and Risk Assessment.
    • GRC Tools implementation.
    • PCI DSS consulting.
    • Security Assessment (RFI, RFP, SAQ).
    • Information Security Policy and Procedures design.
    • IT security design.

    Managed Security Services

    We offer Managed Security Services in dedicated and shared services model as well as hybrid model depending upon your requirements. We offer managed security services in below areas:

    • Managed Security Monitoring and Incident Response.
    • Managed Identity and Access Management services.
    • Managed Risk management and Compliance services.
    • Managed security products such as firewalls, IPS/IDS, Endpoint Security.
    • Hardening Configuration, DLP, Certificate Authority and SIEM.

    Security Awareness Trainings

    What is a Human Firewall and How can you Strengthen It?
    Typically when you talk about your firewall, it has to do with a hardware device, or some software on your computer.
    Recently a lot of focus has gone into creating a human firewall. What people are really meaning when talking about a human firewall is the ability to train employees well enough, that they help secure the organization. A team of well-trained employees will also protect your business goal. The majority of major attacks on corporate networks recently were due to some form of employee negligence. Ransomware, CEO Fraud, Malware, Phishing, Vishing and Social Engineer attacks the weakest link in the chain.
    Building a human firewall requires a lot of training, and a lot of practice. It is extremely important your employees are vigilant and thing before they click.
    What we offer:

    • Security Awareness Programs.
    • Online Trainings Campaign.
    • PCI Trainings.
    • Security Posters.
    • Data Privacy Training.
    • BYOD Awareness Training.
    • OWASP Top 10 Training.
    • Secure Code Training.

    Security Products Services

    At CyphersBox, we provide security experts for a variety of SIEM Services. Whether your project is a new implementation, hands-on support, or 24×7 security operations monitoring, we have you covered. We want to be an extension of your team.  

    What we offer: 

    • SIEM Services with on-demand hourly rates.
    • SIEM SOC Monitoring 24x7x365 by certified analysts.
    • SIEM deployment and project delivery.
    • SIEM tuning, reporting, and alert creation.
    • SIEM performance and health checks. 

    Security alert tuning by certified security experts reduces the noise in your environment. This allows your team to focus on real events that require attention. We can monitor your SIEM instance at a fraction of the cost that it would take to hire a 24×7 team. We utilize a shared services model, where our security analysts will be monitoring multiple systems at a time. There is a lot of emphasis on tuning so that we are only escalating events that have been reviewed, confirmed, and require escalation. A large project implementation of SIEM can take a long time for delivery. It is important to work with a team that knows how to deliver on large-scale projects. We deliver on-time and on-budget every time.

    GRC Services

    Organisations that process, transmit or store significant quantities of cardholder data requires PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification, irrespective of their size.

    Companies currently managing the burden of compliance with the PCI standard understand the challenges of the annual workload on employees during audit time. The productivity drain on staff, coupled with the direct costs to remediate non-compliant controls at the last minute, combine to result in compliance fatigue.

    CipherBox has developed an innovating approach to deliver continual compliance against PCI DSS. We make it easy, by ensuring all of your compliance is handled, and you’re providing the maximum security when processing your customer payments or handling customer data.

    From initial review and gap analysis, our experienced consultants can guide you through your PCI DSS compliance lifecycle.

    For those looking to at the PCI standard, having PCI certification shows your customers they can trust your organisation with their credit card payments, without the need to worry about the security of their data.

    From customers to merchants and financial institutions, the security of cardholder data affects everybody. Preserve your customer trust, ensure compliance, and benefit your organisation in the long term with CipherBox’s PCI Continual Compliance Service.

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